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We Are Here To Help You Repair / Fix Your Bad Credit

Here at ShapeMyCredit we take our job and your Credit Repair needs very seriously. As a top leader in our industry with AN umbrella of credit repair services and our understanding of the applicable consumer protection laws, we can help you to leverage your legal rights and implement the best legal practices of removing those elements that are outdated, erroneous, or inaccurate that appear on your report.

Errors are common in credit reporting. Many errors are hard to identify without the right experience and knowledge of the laws that of credit reporting industry and its participants. With so many factors that affect you’re FICO CREDIT SCORE, some are a matter of common sense and others are technical mistakes. ShapeMyCredits credit repair unique online system interface makes it easy for you to see the progress and the improvement of your credit profile and the improvement of your total FICO SCORE.

Our credit repair program will help you from bankruptcies, tax liens, to charge-offs to late payments, we like the challenges that come as a credit repair company. Our 13 years of experience in the credit repair field combined with being a CPN Number & Tradelines provider helps many clients to turn their lives around and get the FICO SCORES they wish for.

Having a our CPN Number / SCN Number & Tradelines program helps work together with our Credit Repair services helping us to help you be able to once again obtain credit and credibiltiy as you once were able.

Is Credit Repair is Right for You?

Our Credit Repair service is not a fix for everyone. If you are in debt, have troubles with collectors, or are unable to pay your bills, ShapeMyCredit is not the answer for you. But if you have concerns about the accuracy of your credit report and want to improve your total FICO SCORE, we have an amazing effective solution.

What to Expect From Our Credit Repair Program?

Our program is very unique from others programs... WE WILL DISPUTE THE MAXIMUM INQUIRES WE CAN EVERY CYCLE! We designed out credit repair program to work as quickly as possible but you need to be aware that an average process can take 4-6 Months.

Our advanced credit repair system gives us the ability to dispute much faster than others and get the maximum result from every cycle, we will target your score and improve it as much as possible to meet your credit goals. Most customers see dramatic results right away and you will too!

Credit Repair is not what many people believe it is. Effective, enduring credit repair requires taking appropriate action with your creditors rather than simply creating ineffective disputes for credit bureaus. Here at ShapeMyCredit we take an aggressive stance and approach that offers fast tracked results that work in the least amount of time.

Credit Repair Guarantees

We need you to know and understand that when it comes to credit repair that there is no guarantee of everything that is challenged to disappear from your credit report or public records. Remember that the information is on your report for a reason and that reason is probably most likely because it belongs there!

It is very important to remember this statement because it is honest and bonafide...Credit repair is 100% necessary and requires very sharp legal angles that a consumer does not know. Before you start to tackle your own credit repair remeber this one thing...If you tell the story to the bureaus wrong the first time what makes you think that you can then come back to us and hire us to mop up the mess and rechallenge the item with another story that they know is just a story based on your original challenge? You will not be taken seriously. YOU MUST HIRE US TO DO THE WORK CORRECTLY ONE TIME AND WITH RESULTS!